1/1 (2013)

     Two improvisations featuring Chris Pitsiokos on sax and myself on my new Live Sampler instrument. The first recording is from the Columbia Jazz Composers' Collective Spring concert, and the second from a shindig at Chris' pad in Brooklyn.

1/1 - First

1/1 - Second
Columbia ElectroAcoustic Ensemble Live (December 2013)

     Our first show, recorded at Miller Theater! Featuring the compositions, constructions, improvisations, and musings of: Carl Majeau (Tenor Sax), Mark Micchelli (Piano), Aidan Miles (Keyboards), Jacob Sunshine (Guitar), David Halpern (Bass), Ian Marsanyi (Drums), and everyone on (mostly original) Electronics.

The Complete Recording + Album Notes
Bus (2012)

     Download is a Max patch, playable with the free Max Runtime. Long-form piece inspired by the bus ride from Christchurch to Wanaka, NZ. Listen with good speakers, ideally in a reasonably-sized space, and leave it running for a good while.

Max patch
Reizt (2012)

     Piece for string trio, prepared piano, and clarinet/bass clarinet; performed May, 2012 by the excellent counter)induction.

The NZ Sessions (2012)

     Two impromptu sessions with NZ musicians I met in the course of my last trip, the first with Jeff Henderson at the Audio Foundation in Auckland, and the second with Reuben Derrick at his house in Christchurch.

w/ Jeff

w/ Reuben
John Zorn's Cobra (2012)

     Unoffical performance of Zorn's game piece by the Columbia University Guerilla Orchestra, Spring Semester 2012.

Cobra I

Cobra II
Song for Julius Hemphill (2012)

     Written for the Columbia Jazz Composers Collective spring concert, for trio and computer. Chris Pitsiokos (ts), Carl Majeau (ts), Ian Marsanyi (d).

Song for Julius Hemphill

Max patch
Essais, Four of Them (2011)

     Collection of short essais, little thoughts or ideas thrown against each other, inspired by the works of Michel de Montaigne. Composed and performed by Aisle 8 (Carl Majeau and myself).

Essais, Four of Them
Entropy Machine (2011)

     Generative instrument/piece, performed by Carl Majeau and myself as Aisle 8. Featuring original instrument available below.

Entropy Machine

Entropy Machine Java App
Stockhausen Knob (2010)

     Composed for the Columbia Free Jazz Ensemble.

Stockhausen Knob

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